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Welcome to Swedicine AB - your reliable supplier of quick animal tests. We take pride in developing high-quality products built with the latest technology to meet the highest industry standards. Our animal tests are sold worldwide and are now easily available for online ordering. Whether you're a veterinary clinic or a pet owner, our quick tests can help you diagnose illnesses quickly and effectively. We offer a wide range of tests for different animal species, from dogs and cats to horses and livestock. Order our products now and discover how they can help you take care of your animals in the best possible way.

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Swedicine veterinär tester

Give your animals the best protection with our diagnostic tests - the indispensable tools for detecting, managing, and controlling animal diseases in time. With sixty percent of all human diseases originating from animals, it is more necessary than ever to take responsibility for your animal's health status. Our effective tests provide you with quick and reliable diagnoses, enabling you to prevent the spread of diseases in both animals and humans. Trust our high-quality products to keep your animals healthy and happy!

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Quick animal test

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